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Description demo version Pohmeliy FB

In the download section presents free demo version of the program Pohmeliy FB to familiarize with the program interface and its features.


!!! The demo version is limited to work with only one account and performs two actions per session.


After starting the program opens the main control panel Facebook bots.


When you first start the program you must create a list of accounts. Open the tab "Accounts". Click "Create account".


In the new window, enter account information (required fields marked *).  At the end press "Save".


To edit, duplicate or delete your account, tab "Accounts" to highlight the line and click the appropriate button.


To work with the bot you must create a profile (configuration file) for each account. On the tab "Bots profiles", select the button with the name of the bot (for example, consider FB_post_to_groups) and click "Create profile".


In the opened window:

- enter the profile name,

- select the account,

- set the required parameter values.


When you hover over the option, the mouse cursor appears a tooltip with a description.


As an example, let us consider some action for the parameter "messages_file_name".

1. Create a file with the list of messages. Before you choose the action "Create file" {2}, you must first enter the file name {1} in the Value field.


In the opened window, enter the message.

File format: one line - one message. Messages can be just text, text containing the beginning of the URL or the indication of the picture file. If you want to create multiline text, use the newline characters \n.

An example of the message list file can be viewed by selecting the action "View an example".


2. If You plan to place in the message of the picture, before you choose the action "Create file", copy the required images to the folder of the bot. To do this, select the action "Copy images".

The selected image files displayed in the window to copy files. Copied images can be saved under a different name.


3. To edit the file, it is necessary in the "Value" specify the file name, and then select the action "Edit file". The edited file can optionally be saved under a different name.


In order to run the bot, you must first create a project. To do this, open the contribution "Projects" and click "Create project". In the new window fill in the "Name" field, select the profiles that you want to run and click "Save".


Launch of the project.


To view the logs or the results of the work of bots, open the tab of the desired profile, select the profile line and click the button "View log" {1} or click on the field "Results" {2}.


To export and import data and settings in the menu "File" select "Import settings" or "Export settings".