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Software suite for Facebook


Software suite for Facebook - a software suite designed to automate work in social network Facebook.

"Software suite for Facebook" consists of separate scripts working in OS MS Windows.

Attention! Our scripts are no binding to computer hardware, but each particular scripts suite can simultaneously work no more than 3 different computers.

All scripts can work simultaneously with many Facebook accounts. Scripts can work out through any type of proxies.

Scripts 100% emulates human actions.

In the "Software suite for Facebook" includes the following scripts:

NameFunctionFull information
FB friends approve Script for approval or rejection of requests for friendship
FB groups list Script for geting a list of groups in which the account is Facebook
FB friends list Script for compiling list of all friends of Facebook account
FB friends to group Script to add friends in the group
FB me to groups Script for adding accounts in the groups from list
FB post to groups Script for posting messages in groups
FB post to page Script for posting messages on pages
FB post to wall Script for posting on the wall of account
FB ungroups bot Script to exit from groups by list

"Software suite for Facebook" can be purchased by contacting the following details:

ICQ:   682971045

Skype: pohmeliy

Current price is:

$30 per month

"Software suite for Facebook" sold only kit. Separate versions of scripts are not sold.

Attention! Before you buy be sure to do some work with a demo version. Familiarize yourself with their functionality, features, settings and operation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for advice .

Demo version different from full versions the following parameters:

  • Free versions have a limit on the number of actions (in total) per session. Upon reaching this limit, the script stops.
  • Free versions can not work simultaneously with many accounts of Facebook.


Attention! That our scripts 100% emulates human does not guarantee that your accounts on Facebook can not be banned. But in this case you are not banned for what defined a working bot, but for the reasons which have been banned for a regular manual work. We recommend you to put a reasonable amount of action for each account. Safe amount of actions you can define yourself by trial and error, or ask those who also use these services.