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Proxy to work with our scripts with authorization by IP address


If you need high quality permanent proxy to work with our scripts, we can setup your own proxy server "turnkey" for you.

What you need.

  1. Carefully read the article Permanent proxy for use in Facebook.
  2. Please contact us via the following details:
    ICQ:   682971045
    Skype: pohmeliy
    arrange to install and configure a proxy server for you.
  3. Chose and buy a VPS and additional IP addresses to it.
  4. Give us root access to bought VPS.
  5. Change the root password and work through their new proxy.

The cost of setup a proxy server "turnkey".

If you order setup and are our customer who has bought from us any package of scripts, or buy a package together with the setup:
Price $10 for setup on one VPS.

If you just want to order the setup and configuration of the proxy server without buying a package of scripts:
Price $20 for setup on one VPS.

Setup time.

1-2 working days.

Attention! We do not complete configuration of VPS and setup and configure only the proxy server.
If the server is verified at the time of acceptance of our work.
If in the future the proxy server goes down for any reason (update OS and server software, hardware failure or any other reason), then reinstall and configure separately at a price prevailing at the time the new setup.

Successful work!