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New social exchange network

16 июль 2014 22:25 - 30 авг 2014 14:08 #635 от WinterTitan
WinterTitan создал тему: New social exchange network
Hello, everyone!

I have opened this topic to discuss a project that we are developing. We are working on a new social-exchange site (likes, followers, views etc.) for several social media websites. However, our website will be different from similar sites; it will be more efficient and easier to use.

What we don't like in existing social exchange sites:

1. Low traffic quality. Existing social exchange networks don't check the quality of the accounts that their members use to do perform the different actions. The majority of likes, shares, etc are done by clearly fake accounts without avatars, wall posts and almost zero stats in all other parameters. It is apparent on the first look that these accounts were made only for those sites.

2. In addition, most social exchange sites don't care whether the likes or the followers stay on the links they were delivered to. Webmasters of such sites often unlike the pages they liked, unfollow the accounts they subscribed to and try to undo their actions in various other ways after earning their points.

3. The social exchange sites don't offer any adequate bots and the webmasters have to either do all the clicking manually or use primitive browser iMacros programs.

4. None of the social exchange sites has an option to work simultaneously with several accounts of different social media sites, significantly reducing the efficiency of their services and minimizing the potential profits for their webmasters.

Here are the main features of our future site that make it different from the rest:

1. There won't be any manual clicking. You will be able to use the bot software that we will offer for free (after writing the usernames and passwords of your social accounts in the config file) and the bot will automatically do the clicking work.

2. It will be possible to add several social media accounts of each kind in the config file, and the bot will work on all of them simultaneously using your proxies, or without them; this will allow you to earn more points in the system.

3. The system will include automatic checking of the actions that were done. So if a user has, for example, unliked a picture after liking it on our site, he/she will be banned in our system; such measures will ensure a high quality of likes/followers/views acquired through our site.

4. Our system will automatically check the quality of your social media accounts (a presence or absense of an avatar, the age of the account, amount of posts on the wall etc) and will add points for using those accounts according to their quality. Therefore, it will be in your best interest as a webmaster to have more developed social media accounts and thus earn more points.

5. Part of the profits that we will earn from our clients (who order likes/followers for their links) will be paid to you, the webmasters.
You will be able to withdraw the money you earned and have a passive income, or use the earned points to promote your own social media accounts.

The project is currently in a stage of development, therefore we think that now is the best time to ask you what would you like to see in the future site. In this thread you can ask questions about the project, or propose your own ideas and improvements for our system and we will try to consider them while creating the website.
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