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Accounts Facebook (sms activated) + Proxy for each.

We offer new accounts Facebook (sms activated) + private proxy for each account from which this account was registered.
Also, you can buy our private proxy IPv6, through which you can work with many sites that support work with IPv6.

For example:

- www.google.com
- www.yandex.com
- www.facebook.com
- www.vk.com
- plus.google.com
- www.linkedin.com
and many others...

Check whether the URL is accessible over IPv6, you can on this site:

Detailed information:

- Facebook accounts are activated by SMS to Russian phone numbers.

- Mailing address in your account is not added. You can do it yourself. Login is a phone number.

- Accounts are empty. Only information that was added during registration (name, surname, date of birth, phone number, password present.
  All other information you can add yourself.

- For each account attached private proxy socks5 IPv6 (ask about country of proxy when you buy), from which this account was registered.

- All proxy works with authorization over IP. Those before you start working you need to visit our URL and register the IP address from which you will work.

- Your own IP must be IPv6. Working with our proxy through IPv4 protocol is not possible.
  To determine whether your ISP is working on IPv6, you can go to the site plugins/system/oyl/redirect.php?go=Xo8yDwAFd2%2FKbM1wX72dtAcEcUbSlDLeIAvhUEQDVZI%3D
  If you only have IPv4 and your ISP does not support this protocol, you can still easily and, most importantly for free, get yourself IPv6 over IPv4.
  To learn how to do this, type in Google "how to get the ipv6 address".
  Instructions on the network a lot.


Facebook Account + IPv6 proxy (includes 1 month of using a proxy)

- 1 Facebook account + 1 proxy                         $1                       Further, for each proxy, $0.6 per month.
- From 2 to 10 Facebook accounts + proxies      $0.8 for each       Further, for each proxy, $0.5 per month.
- From 11 to 100 Facebook accounts + proxies   $0.6 for each       Further, for each proxy, $0.4 per month.
- From 101 Facebook accounts + proxies           $0.4 for each       Further, for each proxy, $0.3 per month.

Check the validity of the accounts immediately after you get login/pass. Claims for accounts after 5 minutes after purchase will not be accepted.
Keep in mind that Facebook is extremely wary of new accounts and can block any account of irrelevant from the standpoint of a reasonable person reasons.
Therefore, we recommend you fill out the fullest account information (picture, e-mail, address, page header, etc.) and initially limit the number of acts to a minimum (add friends, join groups, etc.).

IPv6 proxy:

- 1 proxy                          $0.6 per month.
- From 2 to 10 proxies      $0.5 per month for each.
- From 11 to 100 proxies   $0.4 per month for each.
- From 101 proxies           $0.3 per month for each.

Note: ask about country of proxy when purchasing. As a rule countries are the United States or Europe.

It is strictly forbidden to use our proxy for illegal purposes.
For example, such as spam, unauthorized access to computer data, hacker attacks, etc.
Members who can afford such will be blocked without warning.

Regarding the purchase of accounts Facebook or individual proxy, please contact:
Skype: pohmeliy