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If the Facebook bot is "not working". Mini-FAQ.

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14 Dec 2013 17:39 - 15 Jan 2016 13:47 #61 by Pohmeliy
This mini-FAQ is made on the issues that most often asked.
The consistent implementation of all items can solve the problem in 98% of cases.
Please read carefully before asking the questions in this section.

If the program does not work at all.

1. Check whether blocked the launch of our program installed on your computer Antivirus.

2. Check, where the folder is located on a disk with the program files. By default, the installer creates a folder c:\Pohmeliy_FB. If the program is installed in a different location, then there may not work. Install it again in the default folder.

If the bot starts, open the browser, but in the future ceases to operate abnormally, or not to perform all the tasks.

1. Check that you are using the latest version of the bot. Version triggered the bot is listed in the top of the window.
The current version can be viewed in the download area of our website. www.pohmeliy.com/download
Older versions in which errors have been detected and the like are usually deactivated and no work.

2. Check that the filling configuration parameters in profiles corresponding bots. Wrong settings can make the program unusable.

3. Our bots are a log of all activities. Open it and try to determine the cause of the malfunction yourself.
To view the log, go to the appropriate tab "Profiles bots", highlight a profile name and click on the "View Log". Opens the log viewer. To save the log you must click on the button "Save debug info."
4. If you think that some action program does not perform or perform properly, try to repeat this action by hand, without the use of the script. If you manually everything works fine, but with the help of the program correctly or do not work, then it is possible that the program really is a mistake. In this case, read the next paragraph.

If you have checked all the points above, but the program still does not work or does not work properly.

1. Run the project and wait until the end of his work.

2. Save debug profile data (see para. 3 of the above).

3. Create a theme in this section, which describe:
- The name and version of the bot.
- On what OS you run it.
- What is the problem (as detailed as possible).

4. Our programmers are required to sort out the problem if it is related to our programs, and will respond to you as soon as they can.

Attention! Please do not create meaningless without the attached logs and detailed description of the problem.
Without it, we simply can not understand the essence of what is happening. Screenshots, record type "and I have scripts do not work", etc. They do not give us any information. Without logs and detailed description we can not help you.
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