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How to stop the pop-ups from our software from interfering with your own PC activities.


Our scripts often open browser windows/tabs during their work, forcing your computer to focus on them; the scripts also occasionally open modal windows, making it impossible to do any other work on the computer simultaneously with the work of the scripts. That is the price for having a script with 100% simulation of human activity. Unfortunately, we can't minimize our scripts to tray and make them work in the background, because to emulate human actions, the software has to focus on various browser windows.

Yet, is it still possible to run our scripts while using your computer as usual at the same time? Yes! There is a very simple solution for that.

The Windows operational system is built in a way that allows organizing the work of several different users of the same computer using different usernames.
You can use this feature to run our scripts while at the same time working on your computer without any interference.

That our scripts will not interfere with your work on the computer, you need:
1. Create a new user on your computer.
2. Switch to the new user and start our scripts there.
3. Switch back to your main user and use your computer as usual.

It will allow our scripts to run on your computer without interfering with your activities.

Below is a detailed guide of how to perform the above steps.

1. Creating a new user in Windows 7

Step 1:
Open Parental Controls by clicking the [Start] button, then click Control Panel.


Under User Accounts and Family Safety, clicking Add or remove user accounts.

A user control panel will appear. In it you can create new users or edit existing ones.

Step 2:
In user control panel choose Create a new account.

Inside the window Create a new account:
    - fill the field "Name the account".
    - choose Standard user or Administrator.
    - click the [Create Account] button.


Step 3:
To choose a password or delete a user, single-click the user or its avatar.


Click Create a password.

Write the password in the field New Password and in the field Confirm Password.

**** Please remember that the password is case-sensitive.
**** You can also create a hint to remind you of your password.

Click the [Create Password] button.
In order to return to the user control panel, click Manage Accounts.
Step 4:
In order to change the username find the line Change the account name a user and left-click it.  Fill the new username in the opened window and click [Rename] button.
You can also change the avatar of any existing user. The avatar appears near the username and allows to find the user easily.  To choose an avatar for a user, go to the user control panel and click the corresponding username or its avatar.

Click Change the picture.

Choose an avatar from the list, or click Browse for more pictures to choose one of your own pictures.
Click [Change Picture] button.

Congratulations, you have created a new user on your computer! You can create several more users using the same method.


2. Switching between different users in Windows 7

After successfully creating a new user (or several users) on your computer, you can use the quick username switching function. You should switch between the sessions, without logging out or closing your programs and files.
How to switch to another user without closing your programs:

Method 1
- Click [Start] button, and then click the pointer near Shut down.
- Choose Switch user. It will transfer you to the Welcome screen, where you can choose a different user. All the programs that you left open in the previous user's work session, will keep working normally.


Method 2
Press the combination of keys CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choose Switch user.
Then choose the username that you created by using our guide, and enter the password that you created during the registration of the user.

After logging in with the new user, start our scripts and let them work on the new user without interfering with your main user.


3. Switching back to your main user in Windows 7

After starting our scripts on your secondary user, you can switch back to your main user the same way and resume your activities normally.

Good Luck !