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Promotion and advertising in Facebook. Part 3. Friends

Facebook friends


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I hope you have read our two previous articles and now you have private proxies for work and a lot of registered and completely filled Facebook accounts.
This article describes how to find friends for these accounts.

Why do we need friends in Facebook?

  1. Friends of your accounts - it is your advertising audience. Facebook is developed so that when establishing "friendship"  between accounts, they automatically become mutual subscribers. In this case, any message that you place on the wall of your account appears in news feeds of all your friends. In the future, any of them can unsubscribe to your newsletter, while being your "friend" or even stop be "friends" with your account that will automatically terminate they subscription. Recommended mainly placed on the wall of your account interesting news, images, videos, etc. Post on the wall several times a day using the FB post to wall, which can post messages on the wall of many Facebook accounts simultaneously.

    Highly recommended not to overload your wall advertising and messages wich are not interest to your friends. If you will post a lot of advertising and uninteresting posts on wall of your account, you risk losing yore advertising audience because most of your friends unsubscribe from getting your messages. Trying to keep a percentage of advertising messages on average no more than 5 - 10% of total posts.
  2. Your friends can not only be consumers of your advertising, but also its distributors. If you can to create an interesting and creative advertising your friends can become its distributors, making repost your message on their walls, the walls of friends, groups, etc. This is called "viral marketing".
  3. You can invite all your friends to like any Facebook page. Using the script FB friends to page you can invite all your friends to any page. Script can work with Facebook accounts simultaneously.

    On each page, you can invite your friends once only. But you can do a lot of pages with your promotional offers and invite to each all of your friends. Of course, in any case you should not abuse such invitations. Recommended invite friends to your page does not more often than once a week.
  4. You can create a Facebook group and add to it all of your friends. To add friends to the group, their consent is not required. If they do not like this group, then they can get out of it without the possibility of re-adding in the same group. To add all the friends of all accounts in the Facebook group you can perform using a script FB friends to group.

    Keep in mind that adding in group a large number of friends from one account at the same time may cause sanctions from Facebook.
    So, better to add friends in small blocks, making a relatively long breaks between references block invitations. If your accounts has a lot of friends, the process of adding them better stretch for several days.

    Pay attention to the fact that we are not specifically the specific values ​​of the number of invited friends safely at a time and other parameters mentioned earlier, since these limits Facebook is constantly changing. Find them yourself, "trial and error" or communicate with other webmasters on these issues.
  5. You can create an event on Facebook and invite friends of accounts. Invitation to the event can be a form of advertising show to your advertising audience. Simultaneously invite all friends of all of your accounts to the event, you can use the script FB friends to event.
  6. Facebook accounts with friends, you can simply sell to earn money. On English-speaking forums there are many offers to purchase such accounts.
    Prices for verified accounts range from $50 to $150 per PVA account and depend on the number and regional characteristics of friends. Naturally demand accounts with friends from the U.S. and Europe.

How to get friends for your Facebook accounts?

Himself to send a friendship request on Facebook inefficient. You can not send a lot of requests. Facebook track the total number of requests per day from each account, and when their number reaches several tens account is forbidden to send a friendship requests.
If this is the first case of exceeding the limit for your account, the prohibition set for one day, the second - for two days, the third - for 4, etc. up to a total ban on adding friends to your account.

Note that the ban can occur even after sending only a dozen requests if there are several users who have received an request and click the "I do not know him."
Therefore, it is better to organize search friends so that you do not send out requests for friendship but other users to send such requests to you.

There are two ways to do so that the people themselves added your accounts to friends. They are approximately equal in method, but different in details.

The first method.

  • Join the groups and place there the content interesting for the audience of these groups. For example, join a group of pictures fans and post beautiful pictures there. Join a group the topic of which is travel and post there interesting stories about travel to exotic countries. In your posts sometimes place requests that you added as a friend and reciprocate to everyone who adds you as a friend. If your content is interesting and fully comply with category groups then you will receive a friendship request from users of these groups.

    Search for a group with a certain theme is very easy with our script FB info search. Make a list of key phrases that describe the subject of the groups that interest you and FB info search will create list of groups relevant to this keywords.
  • Choose from the list groups with the most members. Then using script FB me to groups send requests to join all the selected groups. Wait until your requests will be approved by the group administrator. Resolution as usual can be obtained as quickly as a few days.
  • Once your accounts have become members of groups that interest you, start to post messages in them with the script FB post to groups.
  • Almost immediately after posting messages in groups, your accounts will begin to get requests for friendship. Approves them with the our script FB friends approve. If you want to collect only Russian-speaking or English-speaking friends only, then get from the internet lists of Russian or English names and set them as a white list of names of friends in this script.
    If there are settings in the white list of names of friends  the script will approve requests only from users with names from this list and reject all other requests.

The second method.

  • The second method is similar to the first the only difference is that you are using FB info search for finding a group started specifically to find and add friends.
    Set key phrases in the script "Add Me", "Find friends" etc. Make a list of these groups and join them. A script FB post to groups post to them messages asking to add you as a friend. Recommend to include in message a photo of the girl from your account.

    This way you can find friends much faster, but the quality of friends as the advertising audience will certainly be worse than the quality of friends recruited by the first method since some of those who are specially gaining friends  do so in order to form their audience for advertising and are poor consumer advertising. However, some deterioration friends compensated much higher rate of their getting.
  • Using the description above methods after some time you will be able to find for each of your accounts the maximum number of Facebook friends (5000 at the time of publication of this article). Having 50 accounts with 5000 friends, you become the owner of the advertising audience of 250 000 people (theoretically). In fact, the number will be less because some users to become friends of several your acconts simultaneously.

    In addition, among the friends of your accounts will be inactive, banned accounts, fake accounts etc. Recommend periodically removed from your friends list accounts that are banned using a script FB friends list, to make place for new friends.

As mentioned above gaining a lot of friends you can:

Again caution you that aggressive advertising activity can lead to loss of advertising audience and ban accounts.
Do not rush!

Descriptions of all scripts mentioned in the article can be found on this page Software suite for Facebook.
Download free version of the scripts you can in Download section.

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We wish you luck in advertising and promotion on Facebook!