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Promotion and advertising in Facebook. Part 2. Accounts

Facebook accounts


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To effective work in Facebook, you must have many accounts in this social network. Why do you need multiple accounts instead of one? Because Facebook exist explicit and implicit limits on most of the actions taken by the user. Posting messages, adding friends, likes, reposts, etc. actions are carefully tracked by Facebook. Once the user exceeds limits of activity for his account, will given a appropriate warning from Facebook, his account can be banned temporarily or even deleted.

Explicit limits on the values ​​of some of the actions in Facebook are evident. For example, the maximum number of friends to the account can not exceed 5000.
Values ​​of implicit limits on those or other actions usually are unknown and depend on many factors.

In this regard, you should observe the following rule: better to work by degrees with many accounts than intensively to work with one. Using this principle, less likely to get banned, more opportunities in advertising and promotion.

Facebook considers user's IP as critical important parameter of user's activity.

  • Facebook tracks and stores IP of user logins. 
    If you try log in Facebook account without cookies, accepted at previous successful login with IP from another geographical region, Facebook simply will not allow log in, even if you enter the correct username and password. 

    For example:
    - You log in Facebook account with IP from US by using proxy server of American provider. Facebook lets you login in account.
    - Then delete cookies and login in Facebook account with IP from UK by using proxy server of British provider. Facebook will not let you login in account, and, after entering a username/password, will give this type of message: "Account locked because you are trying to enter from the wrong location."
    - Again, log in Facebook account with IP from US and Facebook lets you. In the account's settings confirm that the previous attempt of login with IP from UK isn't an attempt to hack account.
    - Again, delete cookies and login in Facebook account with IP from UK. Now Facebook lets you login in account without problems.

    Similarly, you can specify a work IP for user account different from that IP, from which this account was registered.
    Immediately after the registration change IP and without deleting cookies (!!) , go to this account from a new IP, thereby prescribing it as "right" for the account.
    The same method is effective when you purchase from a third party account.
  • If you are working with many accounts Facebook, it is better to work with each account through a private proxy, and is not recommended to change IP for this account afterwards. How to get cheap and good quality private proxies described in our article "Promotion and advertising in Facebook. Part 1. Private proxies". And, no matter what country are these proxy. It is possible to work with American IP accounts in Russian and vice versa.
  • Sometimes Facebook bans accounts without any apparent reason. Only registered new account, verify, try to log in, and see that it is already is banned. Should expect to lose 5-15% of new accounts in Facebook. Therefore, if a portion of Facebook accounts you have been banned  do not worry - it's inevitable.

How to become an owner of many Facebook accounts?

Register many accounts in Facebook has become difficult - Facebook during the registration process, requires a registration confirmation by SMS.
Moreover, for each Facebook account needs its own personal phone number as one and the same number can not be used twice when registering multiple accounts.
Recently, Facebook requires verification by SMS not only in the process of registering a new account, but when you first login to that account.

There are the following ways to become the owner of many Facebook accounts:

  • Buy them from sellers of Facebook accounts. There are many sellers worldwide. They sell Facebook accounts already passed verification by SMS. To find them, just type in any search engine "Facebook PVA" (PVA - abbreviation for Phone Verified Account) and the search engine will give many references to sellers workes as services and persons. In this case, it is not necessary that the accounts have been verified in your particular country. Sold a lot of accounts, verified in India, Russia and other countries. Feel free to use them in your work.
  • To solve the problem of verification set Facebook accounts via SMS, you can buy small lots of SIM-cards . These cards are inexpensive. Try to find a seller in small lots of SIM-cards in your area, buy a SIM-cards and verify Facebook accounts using them. However, note that these cards are usually short-lived and, in the future, you are unlikely to use them to reactivate those accounts that are attached to them, if the need arises.
  • There are services that offer SMS remotely pass any authorization. Service gives you a cell phone number that you enter in the account for its verification in the registration process. After Facebook send SMS with a verification code to phone number you have set, the service will tell you this code. Information on these services easy to find on the forums or in the SERP. Cost is cheaper than buying a SIM-card and works pretty reliably.
    We recommend using this method.

We strongly recommend to register each account using the same IP address that expected to work with the account afterwards.
Make yourself a list, from what IP you are working with each of your accounts and never log in account with the other IP.
So we got Facebook accounts. What's next?

After registration and verification of accounts, you need to fill them with quality content. Recommend that you do your accounts as close to the accounts of the real people. It would be better to do accounts of young pretty girls. It would be pretty but not supermodels. Otherwise, other users may have doubts about their reality.

Fill each account 5-10 photos, information on date of birth  place of birth and so on. Answer all the questions asked by Facebook about your favorite books, movies, etc.And when all the required information in the accounts will be filled, place on the wall of each account 2-3 posts, neutral in content and without links or advertising.

For simultaneous placement of different messages on the walls of all accounts, use the script FB post to wall.
Place every day on 1-3 of these messages on the walls of all the accounts, showing normal human activity.

That's all. Now your Facebook accounts are ready to work.

At first, try not to be more active on the "new" accounts.
Note that Facebook is suspicious to each of the newly registered accounts!
And keep in mind: a lot that allowed for old Facebook account, can cause a ban for new.

Good luck to you in advertising and promotion in Facebook!