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Promotion and advertising in Facebook. Part 1. Private proxies


If you decide to engage in a serious promotion and advertising (Social Media Marketing) in social network Facebook, then you ever have to work simultaneously with many Facebook accounts.
To reduce the likelihood of a ban these accounts, with each of them is desirable to work through individual proxy server. And the IP address of the proxy must be the same for each account, because Facebook blocks accounts if login without Facebook cookies and from IP address of another region.

Where to get a private proxies for work in Facebook?

First way. The simplest solution - buy it in one of services offering private proxy.


  • High price. On average, private proxy offered at $2 per IP address per month.
  • As a rule, this IP address can run multiple clients of service. Hence brakes, instability of, possible ban this IP for any violations committed by other users.
    And you have no way of knowing how many people are currently working through this IP.
  • Many proxy services do not offer proxy authentication using IP. I.e. in most cases, to work through a proxy, you must first enter your login/password.  A authorization by IP is able to work without a password  but only with certain pre- defined IP addresses. That such authorization is required for the operation of our scripts through a proxy.


  • You just use these proxy "As is" and you do not need to think about anything.

Second way. Organize your personal proxy purchasing VPS (Virtual Private Server) and additional IP to it.


  •  If you need only 1-5 proxies, installation of your proxy server does not give you any financial savings.
  • You must have at least a minimum knowledge of the configuration and administration of Linux servers, or consult the experts who possess this knowledge.
    For example, to us.  We setup a proxy server on your VPS "turnkey" for quite reasonable time and price.


  • You will be totally control your proxy server.
  • You will know that through your IP only work you and no one else.
  • Your proxy will support authorization by IP and you can work with our scripts without problems.

How to chose a good VPS hosting?

In Facebook did not necessarily login into the account with the proxy IP, located in the same country where the alleged "live" account created by you.
I.e. if you have created an account John Smith, who lives in Moscow and speaking in Russian, then you do not have to enter it exactly from Russian IP. IP suit any country.

The main thing is that the IP address of the proxy that is used to log into a particular account, was always be the same. If this IP banned in Facebook (an unlikely event), it is highly desirable that it can be easily replaced by another IP with the same geographical location.

Therefore, for this purpose it is best suited to USA hosting. American hosting companies generally have lower prices than companies in other countries, responsive slide and good channels.
Of course, not all. And among them are sometimes caught hacks. Therefore, one of the most important tasks when purchasing VPS is it to choose the best offer from the mass of other proposals hosters .

Choose VPS hosting is best on one of the largest English-speaking forums of hosting companies.
Go to the section of VPS Hosting Offers and carefully study all the proposals.

Selection criteria :

  • Hosting should be located in the United States. Preferably in one of the major cities .
  • The amount of memory, processing power and disk space we are not particularly important, since we will use VPS as a proxy server only, and it is not picky about the specified parameters.  Therefore, seek a tariff plan with minimal configuration.
  • Pay attention to the amount of traffic included in the price of this tariff plan. Pretends there will be enough to us at our work. Look, how much it will cost us exceeding this limit.
  • The price of the VPS and the price of additional IPs. For a reference, the average price of VPS per month about $5. Can be found for $1.5, but do not chase the cheapness.  Additional IP offer an average price of $0.5 - $ 1 per month, depending on the quantity.
  • Attention! Not all providers are allowed to use your VPS as a proxy server. Therefore, if a site from your ISP there is no specific prohibition on such use, it is better to clarify this point using the feedback form or online chat with a support.  As the purpose of using proxy is better to specify "to parse through them issuing search engines mainly of Google and Facebook's search".

Once you chose some offers from ISPs, carefully look for reviews about them.
To do this, enter name of ISP in the search field of the forum. Then, in the same way, check out the reviews about it in Google.
There are cases where a proposal may seem very profitable, but most reviews of this ISP are negative. In this case, of course, is better to not buy VPS in this ISP.

Once you have chosen a ISP, tariff plan , clarified all the questions in the caliper, had seen the reviews, you can buy a VPS.
Usually, the login information for your VPS and its parameters are given immediately after payment, or, after a short time afterwards.

Once your VPS is ready, install and configuration on it proxy authentication using IP.

Or contact us. We'll do proxy server for you a "turnkey".

Upon completion of work, you will have your own proxy server with a block of IP addresses that you can use at your discretion.

Have fun with it!